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FUN Beach


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FUN Beach


I would like to see FUN beach on the F|A NoQuarter XPSAVE.





Fun beach is a map designed for large scale carnage over the D Day Theme. Allies spawn on the left part of the map above in the landing crafts and have to fight their way up the beach.They have 2 buker doors that they can blast to enter the Axis beach base. Once in the enemy base (flags in the middle of the command map), they can capture a forward spawn flag which will let them spawn closer the the first primry objective: a ventilation power generator. Breaching it will stop the fans from rotating and let the whole team infiltrate into the Axis back base.




Axis Objective Descriptions:


1 "Secondary Objective:**Don't let allies breach the front bunker door."

2 "Secondary Objective:**Don't let allies breach the lower bunker door."

3 "Secondary Objective:**Defend the beach bunkers' flag."

4 "Secondary Objective:**Don't let allies build the assault ramp."

5 "Secondary Objective:**Protect the axis base wall breach."

6 "Primary Objective:**Defend ventilation the power generator."

7 "Secondary Objective:**Defend the back base secrity door."

6 "Primary Objective:**Defend the Radar."


Allied Objective Descriptions:


1 "Secondary Objective:**Breach the front bunker door."

2 "Secondary Objective:**Breach the lower bunker door."

3 "Secondary Objective:***Capture the beach bunkers' flag."

4 "Secondary Objective:***Construct the assault ramp."

5 "Secondary Objective:***Invade the axis base by breaching the base wall."

6 "Primary Objective:***Destroy the ventilation power generator."

7 "Secondary Objective:***Breach the security door to access the back base."

8 "Primary Objective:***Destroy the axis Radar."












Source and download


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