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NASA Bombs the Moon


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Well, either we are at war with the Greys or we are trying to scare Iran. NASA says they are making a five-mile wide crater on the moon tomorrow to "look for water" (don't we have plenty on Earth?). Story is here:






and several hundred other websites.

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well i found an article in wich it is said that they successfully bombed the moon, and they will study the debris cloud to find water...


i would have never bombed it <_<


but i gotta admin that would be cool to have a space station on the moon :P kubrik tought that there would be one in 2001 xD

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We have a huge water problem in Africa, what can we do?....ow what the hell lets bomb the moon with billion dollar rockets to see if there is water...


Wohoo we did find water...lets send a plumer up there.


Now lets build our self a kick-ass moonbase so we can laugh a the russians.




Pffff, lets deal with the problems on earth first.




whats next? We all live in space and have a annoying friend talking like R2D2?

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OMFG america is sooo slow india FOUND water on the moon without bombing it.

My family is from India and i watch indian news they had screenshots of the

moon with water it was awesome and it looked a little grayish

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