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I am from the city of New Orleans! also known as : "The Crescent City", "The Big Easy", "The City That Care Forgot", "Nawlins" and "NOLA" (acronym for New Orleans, LA). I love the f***ing food! it has of the best in the world! Also home to one of the greatest beer hoping cities! and has the oldest bar in North America. known as Jeans lafitte BlackSmith shop which is 4 years older than the United States of America. The weather is hot and humid today on october 8 it was 90F with %70 humidty! which made it 102F! yeah not so bad that is average. A symbol of my city is the "Fleur de Lis" and i am getting a tattoo of it ove my heart when i am 18. New Orleans is also a murder captail something like 400 last year. BUT! they're no gangs! everyone fights for them selfs so you don't need to worry about that if you come! and it is home to MARDI GRAS! i get a week off of highschool for that state holiday! yes i have more but dont feel like typing!





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