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A truly All-American Sport!


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Going up to Knob Creek, Kentucky this weekend to do some camping, support my 2nd Amendment Rights and to do some truly All-American shooting!


Knob Creek Range Fall 2009 Machine Gun Shoot Schedule of Events


Thursday, October 8th



Friday, October 9th

  • 7 A.M. Breakfast Buffet $7.00
  • 8 A.M. Assault Rifle Match Starts (Pre-registration Required)
  • 8 A.M. Old Military Bolt Rifle Match Starts (Pre-registration Required)
  • 8 A.M. KCR Subgun Match Starts (Pre-registration Required)
  • 9 A.M. Machine Gun Shoot and Show Opens
  • 10 A.M. Subgun Jungle Walk
  • 8 P.M. Military Gun Show Closes


Saturday, October 10th

  • 7 A.M. Breakfast Buffet - $7.00
  • 8A.M. KPDL Practical Pistol Match (Pre-registration Required)
    $25 Adv. (2 wks. prior) $35 regular
  • 8 A.M. KCR Subgun Match (Pre-registration Required)
  • 9 A.M. Machine Gun Rental and Open Shooting on Lower Range
  • 9 A.M. Military Gun Shoot and Show Opens
  • 5 P.M. Night Shoot Starts
  • 10 P.M. Night Shoot Ends & Military Gun Show Closes


Sunday, October 11th

  • 7 A.M. Breakfast Buffet $7.00
  • 8 A.M. Assault Shotgun Match Starts (Pre-registration Required)
  • 9 A.M. Machine Gun Rentals & Open Shooting on Lower Range
  • 9 A.M. Machine Gun Shoot and Show Opens
  • 4 P.M. Shoot & Show is over


The participants are machine gun dealers, collectors and enthusiast from all over the country . The Machine Gun Shoot itself consist of four rounds of firing at a wide variety of appliances, vehicles, pyramids of tires, and barrels of fuel with pyrotechnic charges attached. The pyrotechnic charges are then painted orange for the shooter to see. The charges are set off by the impact of the bullets. Creating large and small mushroom clouds and fire balls from hell!! Their objective is to destroy everything down range. A wide variety of rare and exotic weaponry will be on display for all to see. Such as quad 50's, mini guns, MG 42's, water cooled brownings, AK 47's and many others too numerous to mention.


Some other activities worth noting include:


  • Subgun Jungle Walk is Friday and Saturday only on the lower range.
  • Machine gun rentals available Saturday and Sunday on the lower range
  • Flamethrower rentals available Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  • The shooting of tracers will be allowed weather permitting.


More information can be found here at Knob Creek Gun Range


Help support our Second Amendment!

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What a spectacular weekend and a wonderful drive. The drive took a little bit over 6 hours. On the way we passed Abraham Lincoln's birth place (around 3:00 am) and stopped to pay our respects and say a short prayer for one of our country's most notable Presidents. Another place of interest we passed along the way was the Wild Turkey Distillery although we didn't have time to stop and visit. We'll save that for another time.


We arrived around 7:45 am Saturday morning just in time to park the car and make it to the main gun range for the opening shoot.




The day was started off with a lengthy prayer for all of our veterans. Those MIA, KIA, POW, currently serving or those who had served. The prayer was finished off asking for a safe shoot for all involved, both shooters and spectators. Following the prayer was our National Anthem which was sung by an unknown woman (her name was never mentioned) who sang our anthem with a touch of sadness in her voice and was perhaps, to me, THE most beautiful and moving I have ever heard the Anthem sung. It brought a tear to my eye after hearing the prayer and remembering my time in the service and my friends who will no longer come home.




One of the first things worth noting, before the shoot even began, was having to step aside to allow this sweet patrol vehicle to pass us by. And yes, everything here is privately owned by American Citizens and not law enforcement or military. If you have the money, clean record and correct paper work you can own virtually anything!










Mounted on top of this vehicle is what is called a Ring Turret System from the ACME Gadget Division


The ACME Ring Turret System is a flexible light machine gun weapons platform designed primarily for secondary vehicle defense and support.


In the vehicular mounted and interface mode, the ring turret is affixed to the vehicle roof opening. Although designed to the dimensions of the observer hatch in the Pinzgauer 710k with zero modification to the vehicle, the turret can be adapted to almost any other vehicle.


Versatile Mounting Options


  • Vehicular fully electric.
  • Vehicular manual rifle system with geodesic armor.
  • Remote capable 360* ground mount fully electric.
  • 360* ground mount manual rifle system with armor.


Ring Turret System Features


  • All-electric and automatic position locks secure mount for accuracy during sustained fire.
  • Range of motion enables targeting of ground and airborne objectives.
  • Three axis articulation via a driver or observer proportional joystick.
  • Target acquisition via direct visual contact, heads-up monocular, and a cockpit video display.
  • Target information provided by HD weapons mounted video imager.
  • Real-time target solutions with ability to fine tune the electronic reticle.
  • Modular system allows for rapid transition of control gear and displays.
  • The mount system has recoil control and is isolated from optics, lighting and firing gear.
  • A unique scissor-action third axis traverse control enables extreme fine traverse select-ability.


Fire Control


  • Joystick fire control.
  • Deadman segment on operator handle to prevent inadvertent firing or mount manipulation.
  • Left or right hand operation is possible.


Joystick Control Assembly


  • Video control of:
    • zoom
    • resolution
    • exposure
    • contrast
    • reticle manipulation
    • and many other user functions




  • Night and low light capability with 12 million CP illuminator and optical infrared illuminator
  • Illumination control of:
    • focus
    • intensity
    • strobe mode on joystick handle (to disorient subject)


Moving on we have the machine gun rentals going on all weekend and all day long, provided you brought plenty of money to play with :D





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There where 3 buildings with vendors from all over the country selling virtually any thing and everything you can imagine and then some. Clothing, videos, components (reloading, fuses, explosives . . . etc)






Yes, you read that right! ANTI-TANK RIFLE!!! :D My kind of sniper rifle!




This is a warhead off of a scud missile! The light is glaring on the paper and I can't remember what the price was listed at, sorry !sad




This bad boy here is an automated, self targeting, self firing sentry system. No operator needed. Just set it up, turn it on and it is ready to keep burglars out of your house! 8)




Like I said, you can find about anything here. We had better move on to the Upper gun range before I start thinking of mortgaging my house :o






This is a 3 inch battery that came from a Civil War fort (not sure which one) made in 1861. Wasn't able to get a chance to talk to the owner on the history of this bad boy. I did find out, however, that he uses approximately 3 pounds of black powder per shot and rather than making traditional cannon balls he uses old cans (beans, corn, soup . . . etc) filled with concrete as projectiles. Ouch! !dodge





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The shoot started around 8:00 am and went to 2:00 pm. The security would allow shooting for 30 minutes with a 30 min or so break to allow for maintenance on the weapons and to change out targets down range. So shoot for 30, break and change targets for 30 then back to shooting for 30 and so on until 2:00 pm.


At 2:00 pm spectators were allowed down range to view the various targets and weapons on the firing line. Shooting would resume at 5:00 pm and continue in the same manner until 10:00 pm for the night shoot. Here are some of the remains from down range :o










Ok, now that you have been thoroughly intrigued we'll move on to the firing line and some of the good stuff! 8)






Perhaps my personal favorite. This is a twin mounted MG42 (same gun as ET) anti aircraft weapon. This shoots an 8mm rifle cartridge, slightly bigger than a 30-06.




This is the German MG34, the predecessor of the MG42.




Here we have the famous M2 (Ma Deuce) .50 cal Browning next to a M1915 Oil cooled Vickers that fires a .303 British. The canister around the barrel holds standard motor oil to prevent the barrel from over heating during long bursts of fire.




Not quite sure what this shoots or how far back it dates, but it does make for a nice show of operational artillery.




A Barrett Light .50, 10 shot semi-automatic sniper rifle. Note the shell casing in the breech. On these guns the bolts will not lock back when empty so the owner has placed an empty cartridge in the breech to show that the bolt cannot close and there is no danger of live round being in the chamber while people are down range. Remaber the 3 most important rules when handling ANY firearm; SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY!!!

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Here is a sweet .50 with a flash suppressor to prevent muzzle flash from blinding the operator during low light or night firing. Note the silver tips on the ammo, these are Incendiary Rounds. These are rounds filled with Phosphorous that burn similar to tracers except they are white rather than red and can burn through anything, even steel. Although not as effective as armor piercing rounds, they will ignite and burn fuel or anything else flammable, including metal, and are impossible to extinguish.







What a beautiful collection of water cooled and oil cooled Vickers machine guns.




Ahh yes, I almost forgot. Throughout the course of the day helicopter rides where available on the Huey which did fly-byes over the property and gun ranges giving the passengers a birds eye view of the firing ranges during live fire activities.




Fresh meat for the grinder :D




Who needs a 4-wheeler? I'd take this any day!




Oh yeah! Twins! Take a close look at these babies, they are mounted on a custom frame that connects both guns to the same unit with a seat mounted behind each gun for the operators. This is a 2 man unit designed for use by 2 people. When just one of these babies is fired it is shooting so fast that you cannot distinguish the individual shots being fired, rather it is one long steady noise! Believe it or not these babies cut a car in half!!! :o



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