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Hello I am That guy, I am From New Orleans, Louisiana! I speak with a Yat dialect(New Orleans accent) so I compoised a few words so it won't be as confusing when I get a mic for vent here are some.




* Algerine or Algereen - a person from Algiers, New Orleans (Still common in Algiers, but now less common in other sections of the city except with older speakers)

* alligator pear - avocado

* All right - A greeting. The appropriate response is "All right!" or another greeting.

* Backatown - from "back of town", the section of the city of New Orleans located away from the River (formerly known as the "front of town" now rare), roughly from Claiborne Avenue to the Lake. (In the early 20th century, this often included anything back from Rampart Street.)

* banquette - the sidewalk

* beignet - (IPA:['bɛnjej]) a type of French doughnut, it is fried and has a lot in common with the sopapilla. Typically served with coffee or café-au-lait, they can be found at Café du Monde and other cafés throughout the city.

* brake tag - an inspection sticker on your car

* bobo - a wound or bruise

* boo - A term of endearment, said to be derived from "beaux". Familiar to New Orleanians for generations, in recent years it has spread to some other parts of the States, and particularly from White communities to African-American communities

* by [location] - to be at or in someplace; a replacement for "at" or "to" when referring to a destination or location.

* cap - "sir"; a form of address between men who are usually unacquainted; from "captain"

* Chalmatian - someone from Chalmette in St. Bernard Parish. Sometimes used humorously.

* charmer - a female Yat

* chief - a term of address used among men, indicating some respect

* cold drink - any soft drink

* Creole - this has come to be less of a specifically ethnic or linguistic term, but now is more of a general term applied to an item of New Orleans culture or cooking, such as creole tomatoes or creole seasoning

* dawlin - a term used by women as a form of address, or by men towards women. Differs from the Deep South 'dahlin' in that the vowel is very rounded.

* doubloon - a coin thrown out by Mardi Gras krewes

* down da road - typically used in St. Bernard Parish, the term is used as travel direction for someone traveling to lower St. Bernard Parish on St. Bernard Highway (US Highway 46); this is also a popular slang for residents of Plaquemines Parish when traveling south on Louisiana Highway 23 or as a location "down da road" (the "down" and related "up" are in relation to the natural flow of the nearby Mississippi River; up meaning against the flow while down meaning with the flow)

* dressed - to have condiments on a Po-boy, burger, or any other sandwich; typically lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, and sometimes pickles

* esplanade - (IPA:['ɛsplənejd]) a walkway; also, the name of a major avenue (Esplanade Avenue)

* faubourg - (IPA:['fabɔʷg]) a suburb or neighborhood, used in context of a particular area such as Faubourg Bouligny (This is no longer used as a common noun, but refers to neighborhoods, such as the Faubourg Marigny)

* flying horses - a merry-go-round, Carousel horses, or specifically the merry-go-round in City Park New Orleans

* fa sho or f'sure- for sure, a statement of agreement

* fa true or f'true- for true, a statement of truth

* fo - used instead of the prepositions at or by when referring to time

* Frontatown - the section of New Orleans from Claiborne Avenue to the river (rare with recent generations)

* ginny woman -what you call any neighborhood man who gossips and gets involved in women's business.

* go cup or ice berg - a paper or plastic cup for consuming alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, or other beverages on the go, usually in public

* gout - French for "taste", usually in the context of coffee

* grip - a small overnight bag, schoolbag, or suitcase

* gris-gris - a Voodoo spell, either malicious or for protection (now rare other than in tourism pamphlets and some people who actually practice certain types of voodoo)

* heart - identical in meaning and usage to dawlin', and also pronounced with a severely rounded vowel

* hickey - a knot or bump on one's head

* house coat 'n' curlas - many middle to lower class yat women wear a robe and have their hair in curlers while out shopping, especially for groceries

* huck-a-bucks or huckle-bucks or cold cups - Frozen Kool-Aid in a Dixie cup

* indicator - a turning signal on a car, also called a 'blinker'

* inkpen - a ball-point or any type of pen

* I heard dat - agreement or affirmation, see yeah, you right

* K&B Purple - the distinctive shade of purple used by the defunct New Orleans-based drug store, K&B

* lagniappe - (IPA:['lænjæp]) a little something extra

* make dodo - sleep, or go to sleep; from the Cajun French "fais do do"

* make the block - to go around the block

* make groceries or makin' groceries - to go grocery shopping; this phrase probably originated from the French expression for grocery shopping, "faire le marché"

* Mardi Gras - a city wide pre-Lenten celebration, literally "Fat Tuesday"

* marraine - (IPA: [mə'ræn]) one's godmother (see also "nannain")

* maw-maw - one's grandmother

* mirliton - a chayote (see also "alligator pear")

* mosquito hawk - a dragonfly

* muffuletta - (IPA: [mʊfə'laɾə]) a famous Italian New Orleans sandwich, invented at Central Grocery

* nannain - (IPA: [nə'næ~]) one's godmother, same a marraine (see also "marraine")

* neutral ground - a street median

* over by [location] - to be at or in someplace; a replacement for "at" or "to" when referring to a destination or location, as in "run me over by the store"

* parain - (IPA: [pa'ræ:]) one's Godfather

* parish - a state administrative district equivalent to a County (United States) in the rest of the United States; da parish usually refers specifically to St. Bernard Parish. Formerly in Uptown, "da parish" referred to Jefferson Parish.

* parraine or parran - (IPA:[pə'ræn]) one's godfather (see also "parain")

* passion mark - a hickey

* po-boy - (IPA:['pɔʷbɔj], ['poʷbɔj]) a New Orleans submarine sandwich, made on French bread in many varieties; some of the most popular are hot roast beef and fried shrimp

* praline - (IPA:['prɔʷlin], ['pralin], never ['prejlin]) a New Orleans confection made with pecans, sugar syrup, and cream

* regular coffee - coffee with sugar and milk; not black coffee

* Schwegmann's bag or Schwegmann bag - a unit of measurement; refers to the large brown paper bags in which defunct local New Orleans grocery chain Schwegmann Brothers Giant Supermarkets packed groceries

* snowball - a frozen treat similar to a sno-cone, but made of 'shaved ice' and not crushed ice. A snowball stand will have 30 or more flavors, not counting 'cream' flavors (contains evaporated or condensed milk mixed in).

* to pass a good time - to have a good time or to have fun.

* to pass by - to stop and visit someplace, such as a person's house

* shotgun house - a style of architecture found all over the city. In the French style of planning, plots of land along a river are long and thin, so the houses also came to be long and thin. A shotgun house typically has a living room followed by a bedroom followed by a kitchen followed by another bedroom, with the doorways all in a row – so named because one could fire a shotgun through the front door and the round would exit the back door unhindered.

* to stay - to live, to reside. "Where ya stay?" is a common expression meaning "Where do you live/reside?".

* suck the head, squeeze the tail - a phrase that describes the local technique for eating crawfish

* throw cup - reusable plastic cup such as those as thrown from Carnival floats. See "go cup" above.

* throw me somethin', mista! or tro me somethin', mista! - the traditional phrase yelled out to passing floats during Mardi Gras

* Where y'at? - the traditional New Orleans greeting; equivalent to "what's up?" or "how are you?" The only appropriate response unless something is wrong is "All right." or "aright"

* Up da road - typically used in St. Bernard Parish, the term is used as travel direction for someone traveling to upper St. Bernard Parish on St. Bernard Highway (US Highway 46); also used in Plaquemines Parish when traveling north on Louisiana Highway 23 or referring to the northern end of Plaquemines Parish

* Who dat?- Who is that?

* Wutsapnin or 's'happenin' - another New Orleans greeting derived from "What is happening?"

* y'all - second person plural, one of the few common linguistic traits shared with the rest of the US Deep South

* ya'mom'n'em - "your mom and them" meaning your family

* yeah, you right - New Orleans equivalent to "yes, I see your point;" often used as a more emphatic way of showing agreement, akin in other regions to the phrase "hell yeah!"

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