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Seems like a sweet game. I've installed, downloaded, and tried to play it, but mah computer's bein stupid. But that's not the issue.


Anyone else play or thinking about playing this?


If you want to play, install for FREE here


Brief description-


Weapons: Similar to those of CoD4, (MP5, Ak-47, M4)


The teams are the EU and the RDF


Nice maps, No lag, Great graphics, and I hope ya guys try it out!

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Oh, AVA closed beta is a 'featured event' on xfire, and since I'm new I've been checking out profiles and adding clan people steadily (being on xfire.com a lot). So I've seen the same ad over and over and over on there.

I'd most likely try it, but with the recent addition of the CoD4 scrim team it looks like I may need to brush up on my S&D skills and become more proficient at my terrible maps in hopes of being allowed to play :blink:

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Lol, actaually? Cmon man your GREAT! And even if you're NOT allowed on the team (which I think is impossible, by the way)


You can watch and help us out!







WOW that last comment was really lame

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Well, might as well say it's in open beta now.


It plays just like CS, but seems to be trying to imitate CoD in theme (which they made obvious by their contest to compare AVA to MW in a video <.<)


You pretty much use only one sniper rifle because it has the most amount of damage and most accuracy, and largest clip, and you shoot it like you would the AWP in CS. Grenades are almost useless unless you use the stun grenade, which can kill you if it explodes right next to you and it has like no delay from ground contact to explosion. A lot of the rifles suck except for a few that just completely rape. And most of the smgs are terrible unless you're right up close. And even then a rifle is still on par with you. The knife is weak, it's like the CS knife. Dashing lasts forever. Camping is rife throughout the game. Boxing in the spawn is common, despite the 5 second invulnerability after spawn. UAV is only with the captain and he can use it every 10 seconds or so, though he has to see you with binoculars for the UAV to work.


3 modes, essentially TDM, S&D, and something called Escort, where you escort a tank that's invulnerable to everything except rpgs through enemy lines. It's also so weak that you pretty much never crawl into the tank to use its guns. Tank is destroyed in two rpg shots and can only be repaired by 2 people at a time. Tank only moves if somebody stands right next to it. Camping the tank after destroying it is a common tactic by defending team. Overall, a terrible mode.



Overall, it's a good game if you don't suck, though like all ijji games, I expect it to quickly become a g-coin whore game once it leaves beta.



If you want to play me, my character is called 'Oracle' (nab the good names while they last :P) Clan and buddy system was recently implemented.

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