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Hello guys!


Many people knows me as Husa_bih<3,i added bih<3 what means bosnia and herzegovina,i added it because i avoid of any clan invite,i also faked some polish ppl by doing that cuz 70 percents of polish players in et has PL(poland)at the end of nick xd..:D Well i'm 15 years old and i'm comming from Slovenia even if i live in Slovenia is my nationality still Bosnian cuz my both parents are=)I am going to High Medical Assisten School,and i'm 1. grade.In free time i play football,hanging out with friends,partying,playing et etc etc...I also train football,but it's geting bored more and more with years.Oh ye,i also play guitar(acustic and electric)but i don't play so much as i did in past because i got bored of it and i actually take guitar and play it when i'm bored or when parents takes my pc and tv for punishment:P

I listen more or less all genres of music,but mostly to balcan,and all subgroups of techno like house,hardcore,hardstyle lalalalaa...Dunno what else to say,i play more or less on F|A#2,sometimes in NQ,and on PUB of course when braveheart pays for drink:p Well guys and girls i think that's it,hope u enjoyed in reading and hopefuly i made u less bored cuz only bored people reading this thread:p


Cya on servers=)




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