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norris binds?


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bind "j" "vsay song6 [k]"


bind "k" "vsay song5 [k]"


bind "n" "vsay taunt27 [k]"


bind "F4" "vsay speech70 [p] ^0<<<^2Are You Here^7:-)"


bind "P" "vsay speech8 [p]"


bind "m" "vsay orgasm [k]"


bind "F5" "vsay cry10 [d]"


bind "F6" "vsay taunt6 [d]"


bind "F7" "vsay fun14 [d]"


bind "F8" "vsay song14 [d]"






Enjoy !!

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Metalhead, you're a cool dude, but I'm going to be honest here and say your binds are cringeworthy man. I have to ask though, do people still follow/do/whatever you wish to call it the Norris meme? I thought that started and ended with World of Warcraft...

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