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No fair sometimes there are many people using last stand


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Sometimes at afternoon or evening people are often using last stand in COD$. Tis makes me very frustrated as no F|A are there to kick them. Why are there so little F|A keeping an eye then. Please help me answer my question.Thanks

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Like everyone else in F|A, I do not have the ability to physically play CoD4 24/7 and be a perfect admin. I have to work, sleep, eat, etc. If you want to be in touch with the admins, my only recommendation is to get xFire which I do leave myself online. At that point you could contact me or another admin and maybe we could login quickly to investigate the situation.


Additionally, I believe there is some word of an auto-kick for LS users in the works. This would be still in the early stages of "development" or "prototyped" but it would be the hope for the 24/7 admin for LS.

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