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Navyfield Online ....Free to play


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MR2_3SGTE=FU wrote:

NAVYFIELD...trust me you will love this game, i currently have a LION 2 bb5 lvl 110+


navyfield.com totally free, it used to be retail but they stop since alot of players left, yes i am a Beta player of that game so i know heck everything..;p


I played this game not bad think of battleship against 100 people and you see everyone ..theres many diffrent ship classes and you upgrade with xp and money(points) but its hard to get your men equal to your ships class


Well I reloaded NavyField


If anyone needs help with the game pm me im a noob there (cause im on FA 95% of the time ) lol but i'll give ya a hand


For thoses that don't know N/F is a Battleship sim online You can play as Germany, Japan, USA, or Great Britain


You first start with a neutral country ship as FF = Frigate Class Then DD= Destroyer Class. Cruisers, Submarines, Aircraft carriers, Battleships and more You can pick your Sonar, Guns, Engine, Torpedos, Armor, Each game you play you get XP and points and Money to Upgreade your Ship and men you start with 4 men i think. Each fight your men get points in there classes ..Gunner Torpedomen, Captain, Scout, Engine, Repair/ Restore etc (the higher level the Gunner is better distance the gun go's and faster reload and acc,) Enginner makes the ship go at 120% for longer times each higher levels


They use vent and theres Clans and i seen X-fire users


It would be nice to see who all plays this and new members ...Maybe get a =F|A= clan going


Its free to play everything .............You can buy upgraded ships but thats for mamas boys

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