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etkey problems

yellow flash


So i played 2 days ago fine i hade my xp saved from the server restart wich was like 3-4 month ago cant remember and i hade my admin lvl on recruit server.


i started ET today as usual but i couldnot find any servers i check forums/googled. first i tryed update PB but after that i never could open et after i started in 10 sec it gave error and shutted it down.

so i reinsttaled et and saved etkey.Now i see servers but i lose my xp everytime i start et and i dont have my admin lvls atm. I tryed to get new etkey and change it to etmain folder also changed into pb folder (User->Appdata->local->ET) <- that was sayd on etkey.org that u should do if u got vista. so if anyone got solutions would be great if not its cool since i get new comp on 24th dec ^^ and i will instal ET in there and i get new etkey so its only a week tbh but if u could fix it i could take old etkey to that comp. Thanks b4 hand to all who read and scrathes their heads.


for more info just ask and i try scratch my head the best i can

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