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fast vehicle respawn time on large maps? (for conquest)


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I saw somewhere in a topic (think it was the general server info topic) the remark that if you don't have a vehicle it takes some time to reach the (next) flag.



Just wondering, but maybe setting the vehicle respawn time really fast (like 10% or so) would 'fix' this problem for the most part.


Because if a vehicle gets destroyed then it's respawn really fast



dunno how it's currenlty set (maybe it's already set low ^^) , but I found out the 'servercommand' to set it: vars.vehicleSpawnDelay (values in procent)




Another tip to players: stick with you squad: covering each others ass when crossing roads much better then lone wolf running for it's life ^^ (except when it's a lame ass sniper squad then leave squad and join good one XD) and don't be selfish: wait for other players when you take a vehicle (specially the choppers because you are vulnerable without 'good' gunner(s)), if you fill up the vehicles pretty much everybody has a seat and will less players forced to run those long ends between bases and flags....



ps. this is just an idea, if isn't not good enough => then no conquest on large maps and problem solved ^^

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I don't play on pc but i have encountered the same problem on the xbox. Your tip is really handy by the way, people on the xbox just don't do that. I hope i'll have a good computer soon so i can play BF3 and murder you guys :D

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