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How to install, run, and play Team Fortress 2


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Pre-step: Make sure you have extra 4 to 10 GB of space on hard drive before downloading and installing Team Fortress 2 game from steam.



Click on this link




lick Install Game


If you do not have steam, you need to install it before getting this game.


Steam will open up and the download will commence.


ETA of Download: 1 to 2 hours. It took me around a hour on a 6 year old laptop with a wireless connection. If you have a newer computer with a good connection it won't take long.


Once it is done, click the shortcut




It willl run and you will come to the main menu.




I would recommend doing the Training stages first, indicated with the Target symbol beside it.


Once you get a feel for it, click Start Playing to play with the computers for a few rounds or so until you get the hang of it. Each class has advantages and disadvantages, just pick the one you like best.


You can go onto a server by clicking Browse Servers to scroll through thousands of games, find ones with lower players unless you have a good computer and connection.


Then play! Enjoy.



If you have any issues not talked about here then PM me on forums or add me, deus35crasher, on steam. Thanks for reading.

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