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Gears of War 3


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"Gears of War 3" was released at midnight today, completing the military science fiction third-person shooter trilogy that started in 2006.


"Gears of War," which was developed by Epic Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360 (later released for PC), was initially released five years ago. The first game reveals Marcus Fenix, who was jailed for trying to save his father from the Locust Horde on the fictional planet Sera. Through "Gears of War" and "Gears of War 2," the Delta Squad fights to save what is left of humanity on the planet.


But according to Chris Wynn, lead producer for Gears of Warat Microsoft Studios, the latest addition to the "Gears of War" family is about more than just war -- it builds on the original father-son story between Fenix and his father. Not only that, but Fenix finds out that his father is still alive.


"In the first two games, the story was about battles and wars; it was emotional, but that wasn't the focus," said Wynn. "This has more drama". You're trying to survive with a small group of your friends, trying to see if you can find a future. That's what it's all about."


Enthusiasts lined up before midnight this morning waiting for the game at 20,000 launch locations around the world.

Guy Welch, Microsoft senior product manager, predicts that more than 4 million people will be playing "Gears of War 3" by the end of this week, where 75 percent will partake in cooperative and multiplayer modes on Xbox LIVE.

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XBox Live Tag: DRSmoke007


Played on and off for a month or so reached level 65 but sorry to say highest wave reached in horde was 40 then it just got insane and once even one player drops out it gets tough.


Based on one old mans opinion good game, Beast mode turns the tables and you are the beasts. Verses mode you play 10 v 10 almost like a scrim..




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lol i've bought an xbox myself sunday. Luckily for me the game was included the pack. Is the game any good?

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