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Highlights of the Week, August 19

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It’s been a phenomenal week for team Battlefield as we’ve dived head-first into gamescom, the premiere gaming convention in Europe. There, we unveiled some big news, included new gameplay, and new details on Battlefield 3. All that and more is coming up in this brand new edition of Battlefield 3 Highlights of the Week!


We kicked things off this week with the gamescom 2011 EA Press Conference, live from Cologne, Germany, where DICE’s Patrick Söderlund and Karl Magnus Troedsson unveiled a brand new feature for the Battlefield series: Co-op. With this new component comes a lot of promise and a lot of focus, and while it’s easy to talk about the new mode, we thought it would be best to show you. That’s right – Patrick and KM picked up the controllers and played through a new co-op level to give you a taste of what kind of gameplay you’ll be treated to when Battlefield 3 launches this October!


Did you miss the live stream? Check out the entire EA Pres Conference from GamesCom 2011 below!


(Please visit the site to view this media)


When we were preparing to premiere co-op, we knew that you’d have a lot of questions about this new mode. That’s why we dedicated this week’s installment of the Battleblog to this brand new feature to the franchise. We sat down with Battlefield 3 Lead Co-op Designer David Spinnier to talk about the new mode and what sort of goals they had while designing it. As said in the article, Spinner and his team are fusing the replayability of multiplayer with a pick up and play mentality to create a totally new flavor of Battlefield, and this post has all the details. Click here to read Battleblog #7: Battlefield 3 Introduces Themed Co-Op Campaign.


You asked for it, and you got it. Battlefield 3 fans have been clamoring for more multiplayer footage, asking to see the large-scale maps of Battlefield 3. With that in mind, we launched a new trailer, featuring one of the 64-player vehicle warfare maps from Battlefield 3: Caspian Border. 64 players? We’ve got that covered in this beautiful, expansive map. Dogtags? As evidenced by the poor chump who got knifed, yup. Those are accounted for. Vehicles? Tanks, APCs and helicopters can fit that bill, right? Jets? Oh, you’d best believe there’s a dog fight going on. Don’t take my word for it! Check out the Caspian Border gameplay trailer for yourself!


(Please visit the site to view this media)


If that’s not enough and you’d like to know more about the details of what’s seen in this trailer, the folks at OffDutyGamers.com used their considerable military expertise to give a complete breakdown of what’s found in this trailer. Were you curious about a specific class featured in the trailer? Wondering what the jet in the trailer was? It’s all here in this detailed analysis provided by the military experts of OffDutyGamers.com.


Along with all the Battlefield 3 coverage coming in from gamescom, a lot of buzz on the game was all over the convention. The Battlefield 3 demo (which included PS3 co-op and 64-player multiplayer on the PC) was quickly getting the attention of not only our wonderful fans, but also the gamescom judges as well. On August 17, the gamescom judges announced that they have unanimously named Battlefield 3 “Best of gamescom 2011”. We’re over the moon with this award, and especially how happy our fans are with the game. As a matter of fact, IGN has asked the fans what game should receive its People’s Choice Award for gamescom 2011, and Battlefield 3 needs your support! Your vote matters! Head over to the IGN People’s Choice Award page to vote and support Battlefield 3!


The party from gamescom is still going strong, with a live chat with the Battlefield 3 gang, live from the show floor! In this final live broadcast, the Battlefield team will return to EA’s community lounge on Saturday, August 20 at 11:30am CET / 5:30 am ET / 2:30 am PT to show all of our fans some brand new video featuring gameplay from the newly unveiled co-op mode. Click here to go to the live chat page and be sure to tune in this Saturday!


Thanks for tuning in and we’ll be back next week with even more Battlefield goodies for you to enjoy! If you have any videos or images, or any other great Battlefield-related items you'd like highlighted, hit us up on Facebook or Twitter! Until then, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, leave us a note in the comments section and we’ll respond as soon as possible.


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