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Battlefield 3 rocked GamesCom: The definitive wrap-up of our biggest show yet

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5 days of non-stop gaming with Battlefield 3 are over, and we are back at the DICE office. As the tinnitus from the show floor is settling down, let’s take a few moments to recap all of the Battlefield 3 goodness from GamesCom 2011. Being our biggest setup ever, we received a number of prestigious awards, let thousands of people try three different game modes, and released an already classic multiplayer trailer. Read on for the full details.


BF3-BestofGC2011.png  .

The awards – Best of GamesCom

On the Tuesday of the show, a number of judges had hands-on time with the most promising games from the show. The result was unanimous: they all voted Battlefield 3 Best of GamesCom! Also, yesterday saw Battlefield 3 win Eurogamer’s Game of the Show Award. We are very happy and humbled that fans and critics alike had such a great time with the game in Cologne.


The EA press conference – Co-op and Caspian Border reveal
Last Tuesday, the EA press conference kicked of GamesCom 2011 with a bang. The one-hour show ended with DICE playing the co-op mission Exfiltration live on PS3, and then airing our new Caspian Border multiplayer trailer. The trailer has already become a classic, and if you haven’t seen it yet, now is definitely the time. Oh, and that little radio controlled vehicle you can see at 1:40 is the Engineer class EOD robot, which you can use to repair vehicles and disarm M-COM stations.


(Please visit the site to view this media)


BF3GC2011MPBooth.jpg Worth waiting for.

The 12 hour line to the Battlefield 3 booth
One of the highlights of the entire show was without a doubt the Battlefield 3 booth, where you could choose to play our new vehicle-heavy map Caspian Border, or the Exfiltration co-op mission (from the press conference) on PS3. On Saturday morning – traditionally one of the largest days for GamesCom – the line for the Battlefield 3 booth had a projected 12 hour waiting time and wrapped around our booth and stretched all the way across the entire length of the enormous Hall 6. This was also the day when GamesCom officially had to shut all entries to the show for several hours, since it was well over capacity.



BF3-Jet-GC2011.jpg Yep, that's our jet!

The EA Pwned show with exclusive interviews

The EA Pwned show was also on site at GamesCom, and here are the three daily episodes they produced after the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Their GamesCom shows feature a variety of EA games that were present at GamesCom, but Battlefield 3 is the only game that is present in all of their videos. The first episode focuses on the EA press conference and features an exclusive interview with DICE GM Karl Magnus Troedsson right after he went off stage. Episode II takes a closer look at the co-op mode together with Producer Patrick Liu, while the third one is mainly about our 64-player multiplayer mode. You can watch them all below.


(Please visit the site to view this media)


(Please visit the site to view this media)


(Please visit the site to view this media)


GC2011BF3-Community-Lounge.jpg Community Manager Daniel Matros presenting to our fans.

The packed Battlefield 3 community lounge

The community lounge was a huge success, packed every day by our awesome fans. Over 300 invited community members had the chance to play Team Deathmatch in a 4v4 setup on PC, and the feedback was phenomenal. We want to thank our wonderful fans for your burning interest and dedication for the Battlefield series. It's what keeps us going! Also, big thanks to Andreas Koch for holding it down in the community lounge, and congratulations again on his Lifetime Achievement Award for driving the German Battlefield community for the past 10 years.



GCEnd.jpg  Can you tell that 275,000 fans passed through here?

We're making a note here: Huge success!
It’s always hard work going to a show. Doubly so if you decide to bring not one, not two, but three versions of your game. Having shared Team Deathmatch, Co-op, and Multiplayer with thousands of visitors, this was easily one of our biggest shows ever. As always, going to the show and meeting our fans in person is so rewarding. We received a lot of interesting feedback, answered a lot of your questions, but above all – we had fun together. Totally worth the ringing in our ears.


As the cleaning crew entered the halls Sunday night to clear up the havok that 275,000 eager gamers caused over the week, there was only one thought in our minds: See you next year!

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