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ETNam Mod - etnam_0_1_0.zip - ET Mod


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File Name: ETNam Mod - etnam_0_1_0.zip

File Submitter: Maryse

File Submitted: 17 Mar 2011

File Category: Mods


Download Name : etnam_0_1_0.zip

Mod name : ETNam 0.1.0


ETnam mod is based on Etpub 0.8 source code, so we include its features.

For your eyes pleasure more game effects or visual features are included :

* Level 5 Soldier will earn Akimbo Mac-10.

* Engineer can use anti-tank mines.

Very powerfull explosive weapon, activated by vehicles.

* Primary weapon model will appear attached on player backpack when it's not currently selected.

* Level 5 Medic will earn battle hearth.

Once you get killed and waiting for a Medic revive, you can try to stand up by yourself holding the “use” key.

If you are able to do that, you will receive half of your HP points but you will move really slow.

* Extreme Gore

ETnam includes extreme gore features such as:

> Bloody knife;

> Bloody body and face;

> Machine Gun and Shotgun power gib;

> Smoking gibs;

> Head gibs;

> Head gibs blood spurts;

> Incinerated corpses;

> White eyes for corpses;

> Death animations;

> Pain animations;

* Level 5 FieldOps will earn Napalm canister.

* Client can bind “parachute" key.

This will allow players to open a parachute when pressing the binded key.

* And many more ...


Click here to download this file

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