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Opensource CRM / ERP / Groupware Recommendations


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This is a long shot but I figured at least a few of you might have some experience with CRM / ERP / Groupware software.


Basically just wondering if anybody has had good experience with opensource Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning software. I'm mostly looking for self hosted options, thats why I included Opensouce, but I'm not unwilling to spend some money. I'd just like to avoid software as a service solutions, because that just leaves me paying for 2 hosting plans, in like exact redundancy, for no reason.


Our company is small, so small in fact, 1/3 of it is currently writing this post, and we don't really ever manage more than 5-10 clients at a time, so purchase ordering and large enterprise features aren't really necessary, but decent invoicing and tying files to related projects would be awesome. Business recurs a lot, so keeping client records on file for a long time and logging back-work is fairly important to us. We do mostly web dev/design, but I also handle a quantity of graphic design work, and general maintenance.


So far, we're dealing mostly with Redmine for project planning and bug tracking. I'm using SugarCRM to manage sales and client information as well as leads, and actually Collabtive as well, because its simple interface makes it very easy to work personally with clients on tasklists and progress updates. I find that to be, even more redundant that paying for hosting twice, so really any recommendations at this point would be awesome.


This is fairly specific stuff for a gaming community I realize, so if you have no idea what I'm on about, please just ignore the shit out of me.

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Thanks mate, I've looked at both openbravo and openerp, but I hadn't tried Openbravos ERP yet. I've actually tested their point of sale software before, for a client, but we went another way on that. Their ERP looks quite good, I'll give that a whirl next.


The other 3 are completely new to me, so thats awesome. Thank you very much!

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