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Well, since Jay#3 aka. Beginners XP Save has a few maps ppl. were complainin about in the past (e.g. Radar) I felt like bringin up my opinion and suggest a new map.


Server I'd like to see the map runnin: Beginners XP Save (Jay#3).


Downloadlink: Forum Download Section Link, click


Additional Info: TB Link, click


Reason/s for my suggestion: Honestly, I've been playin this map just a few times, I admit back then ppl. were complainin bout it aswell, but since this map is kinda 'out-dated' and nowhere runnin as far as I know, I thought bringin it back would be a nice idea, it also might attract some new ppl.


Its basicly a big map where u need to blow up some doors to reach some docs., carry them and secure them.


Due to the fact that its such a big map, I think 25-30 min. would fit here.


Imho. the server needs a new map, especially one that cant be done in like 3-5 mins. cuz the current situation is that most maps get rushed too easily cuz ppl. trickjump to reach an obj.(depening on the teams ofc.).


Just few words from my side. :D





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