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Johnny Phoenix

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Looked at it and my main concerns would be the graphical limitations and gameplay.



-Pulling off a massive shooter without it feeling like 1 soldier means nothing is going to be tough.

-Also stopping it from becoming a spam war will definitly be an issue.

-What I've seen so far the interface and hud seem a little bland.



-256 players all shooting at once with explosions rocking the whole map is definitly going to take it's toll on most gaming rigs.

-The character models look interesting, but act blocky.



I might actually buy it when it comes out, but I'd prefer to see a more refined product before I make my decision. This definitly could shake the fps genre, which has remained firmly entrenched in mainly counter-espionage.

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Socom 4 = fail fail and its a lay because Socom confrata was such a epic failure theydont make another..



confrontation wasnt made by the same people that did 1,2,3 and M.A.G,thus failing like it did


Zipper they have a great opportunity to bring back the franchise with 4

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yep yep but MAG was delayed im in madrid to listen to news but so far nothing like i sayed /6 did confo zipper is doing MAG for 3 years so i can tell you that the 3 years zipper did not make any game to socom soz about it only 4 persons worked on Socom conf

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