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hello guys alot of you may or may not know me.. some of you may have known me as Random? Random<3EurekA Supernoob superboob .NGViolentXmas Ect.

But here sometime this summer im going to be hosting a lan party at my house got almost everything set up i got a few people already coming from my clan.. :) and i figured hey why not ask some people from F|A because im here the other 50% of the time.. but the lan party will be in ohio,knox county, mount vernon, i will not give out address untill i find out who is all going then ill edit it and post address or just msg the ones coming but down fall is i have about ehh 8 computers so depending on who is all coming some may have to bring there own.. which most would want to anyways>_>.. .but just message me and ill get back to u


Time: dont care how long 2 weeks max..

date: end of july beggining of august.

if you have any questions message me


Thanks, Random?

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