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Stanely cup finals GAME 5


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1st and 2nd was awesome by both goalies,boston had alot of penlaties in the first,i dont understand why they didnt score,but roberto was too hot,i notice they didnt play chara much..i say about the nhl playoffs is all about home advantage...then at the 3rd,the only goal for the game and it was the winners,give it out to boston,they had there chance,but nice D but canucks.at the end both goalies hot.CANT WAIT TILL GAME 6 ON MONDAY FOR THE CUP.GOOD LUCK TO CANUCKS AND ALL THE CANADIANS THAT,WERE ONE GAME AWAY FROM THE CUP.....Alot of good things happens during game,shots went to boston and the had more chances.....i ll show u a clip of the only goal in game.but again it could of went both sides.NBC rules at NHL playoff games..ONE MORE AWAY..i can feel it.. I say game 7 and CANUCKS WIN..Next game is monday on NBC at 8.00pm.In boston i may add..or less canucks go to overtime in game 6 and win,u never know..laters all.=F|A=KIMBOHUNTER007.



woot woot,always try again and u never know lmao.woot woot.one more win..stanley cup here we come.

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Yes that game was awesome, and I have to hand it you it was a nice goal. We are Red Wings fans in our house, my wife being from Michigan. My brother moved to Boston last year and sent my daughter a Boston onesie this week for her birthday.


I love playoff hockey, something other pro sports could learn from. That was a great goal, these goalies are animals.


What I like best is even if you win the cup on foreign ice the fans still cheer you on, because they respect the Cup.

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