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map making tips/suggestions/help and bots


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Hello all, i have downloaded wolfet_tool.exe for map editing (making?) has anyone here made a tweaked a map before? and what other tools might i need? any type of compilers? wav editors or what ever.. i have just a couple days till ill be off line for idk how long but i wanted to gather some software ill need to make a nice map.. what kind of restrictions are there? also i was wondering if i can create my own bot to play against on the same computer im playing on? (i started to look into this a few years ago but i was caught up in my new freedom from being married for 14 years AND i had several of these 21 year old girls on me when i first went to Alaska - but that another story for another time.. lol..) but from what i remembered is something to the effect of you would have to have a pc as a server and the bots can run on it.. but i thought i would throw that question out there..


also IF i can create a map - give me some ideas of some things to try! imho most of the maps out there are over played or never played at all. i would like to see a map go by the body count only.. i have seen one some where, idk where or when.. and screw it, make everybody a medic! hahahaha


for me my favorites are caen, gold rush, fuel dump,special delivery there are a few more but those are the ones that stand out.


i hope to hear some input/help/suggestions ill be off line as of Thursday - and im looking forward to it too! ill be camping hiking and doing some more gold panning!

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