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I like to keep to myself, not very openly talkative about my personal life, just quiet in general. Not a big chatter about anything that doesn't pertain to the game.

I'm a novice verteran of 2.55. I played ET since it was released, took a year or so off, got back into it hardcore. I used to play on House of R*X. Tagged with them a while back. I was one of very few people with 2nd in command admin status.


The clan owner transferred server control to someone who didn't like me much, and didn't like me having every admin command that the clan owner had...


The new guy banned me, clan owner unbanned me.. and this went back and forth for a while, until the new guy learned how to ban my IP and subnet...


So I gave up. I quit for 2 years. In the meantime, the new guy banned the clan owner, and his girlfriend (Krux and Mel) for any of you that may have played there)


2 years later, one of the new guys brown nosers finds me on facebook, telling me I can come back to play blah blah blah... I played there for a few days, finally had a chance to talk to the guy that banned me, told him what to do with his server, and now here I am.


I tried a few different servers, and found that I like the new maps here on F|A. (although I don't know wtf to do on most of them, as R*X only played original maps and supply depot)


I've been kicked once by someone telling me to change my name, and muted for calling a bot a MF. (seriously??)


Anyways... other than those two hiccups, I enjoy playing here. I mostly play on the "New Maps" server, since I get my ass handed to me constantly on the other servers. There are a ton of great players here, and I do enjoy the occasional challenge.


Thanks for reading, and thanks for the cool servers. I've also posted a picture of my car.

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