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ET Join us for 4 fun community events on Oct 16-17 :)


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Join us on October 16th and 17th for some fun Enemy Territory community events 😀! All event times are US Eastern Time.


Casual Saturday (Oct 16)

For both events, there will be 5-9 players per team depending on how many register. Wolf Tournaments will select and balance teams. Format will be ET Pro, stopwatch, best-of-three.

  • 8pm-9:30pm --- Mystery Maps: Maps will be lesser played custom maps announced at time of event.
  • 9:30pm-11pm --- Max Lives: Each player will have a limited number of lives. Maps TBD based on how many register.


Competitive Sunday (Oct 17)

For both events, Wolf Tournaments will select team captains to draft other players. Format will be ET Pro, stopwatch, best-of-three.

  • 8pm-9:30pm --- 3v3 Draft Showmatch: Maps will be Adlernest, Special Delivery, and Frosbite decider.
  • 9:30pm-11pm --- 6v6 Draft Showmatch: Maps will be Bremen, Radar, and Reactor decider.


How to Play

Sign up for 1 or more events in our Discord server: https://discord.gg/T8Y22rP8vR. Registration is open to everyone, but server(s) will likely be North American.


How to Watch

Very special thanks to keithmss and biggyyyb for offering to shoutcast and stream these events.


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On 10/8/2021 at 1:23 AM, laggermcjagger said:

Thats my birthday but I don't play tournaments. Neat anyways. Maybe ill watch.


Happy birthday 🙂


It's not really a tournament in the typical sense of the word. Each event is a best-of-3 match, and the Saturday events in particular are focused on just having some fun with unusual settings. Even the competitive events on Sunday are mostly just about having some fun with different players rather than being a super-serious competition. Players of all skill/experience levels are welcome!

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