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Dishonored 2(super-late) Review


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I know I wake up with this review very late but I will do it anyway. Dishonored 2 is one of my favorite games combining Fantasy with Stealth and great first-person action.



Alright so the story takes place after the events of the first game following on from the so called good ending where Corvo becomes the Lord Protector to Emily Kaldwin who is now the empress in the game's opening. Corvo and Emily meet Delilah who claims she's the rightful heir to the throne and that Corvo is really a murderer known as the Crown Killer. From this point you're tasked with taking down a few key figures working with Delilah, the most notable being called Kirin Jindosh who's building an army of robot soldiers similar to the mechanist from Thief(another game).



Soon you get access to the various powers granted by The Outsider. Blink or Far Reaches its called for Emily's. Stop time for Corvo and so forth playing as Emily is really kind of like easy mode as she gets the best powers with the inclusion of Domino and shadow walk both of which are heavily aimed at stealth playthroughs. Domino allows you linked enemies together with whatever you do to one of them affecting the other. (Example: shoot one in the head and they all die.) Large environments with a few objectives to complete with the option given to the player in taking a combat or a stealthy route and a lethal or non-lethal approach to your primary target. With bone shards you get a combat base, things like enemies missing more often with projectile weapons, your crossbow doing more damage, pistol doing more damage, a chance for enemies to misfire  and there's so many of these bone shards now in each area that you'll probably spend a lot of time trying to find them and actually completing your objectives. The reason there's so many of them is because the cost of upgrading powers is a lot more expensive. 


Combat: Combat side of things it's fine, in fact it's as awesome as it was in the first game, it's much faster easier and more importantly fun to go on a killing spree and just massacre an entire room of guards and it honestly feels like the way the game is meant to be played.

Which is in stark contrast to the first game where both styles were really viable it just feels like this time around is much more accommodating unless you want to keep mashing that quick load button every 30 seconds because your ghost run has again gone.



Thank you for your patience reading my review. Much appreciated ❤️ 


Feel free to give your opinion about the game and/or suggestions for future improvements in my reviews. Cheers! 

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