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Minecraft Better PvP Mod - Support PvP in Minecraft


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Better PvP Mod for Minecraft adds a bunch of useful features to Minecraft for use in both PvP combat and Survival/Hardcore modes.
Better PvP Mod 1.16.5 adds a fully customizable GUI system, including various skins and free customization, such as a minimap, armor status, poison status, etc. There are also many valuable keybinds for more comfortable gameplay, one of which is an action bar system similar to an RPG.


Main features of Better PvP Mod


Minimap interface: above or below the ground.
    The interface displays the poison effects being used.
    The interface displays information about the armor and items that are equipped for the character at the moment.
    The interface displays the number of arrows remaining and the vertical angle of view.
    Quick use is a system similar to the action bar, which can automatically use the item set on the Hotbar without switching back and forth between the items in use. Holding the keybind helps you to continue using the item while right-clicking. For example: having a flashlight, TNT, throwing poison, eating, drinking...
    Quick eat is added to an existing feature, allowing intuitive eating when holding down the keybind set.
    Better sprinting when holding down a keybind. You can set the W key to replace it.
    Turn stealth mode on or off without pressing a button.
    The notification system on the screen allows energy levels, low HP, fire risk, being shot by arrows...
    The amount of XP gained or lost on the screen.
    Edit mode: You can move the interface anywhere by pressing the C/F key to suit your PvP needs.
    Settings: can be turned off or on at any time.
    Customization: Some skins allow customization on the Minecraft Mod's GUI.

See More: Better PvP

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