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Minecraft Legends Core (Library for Legends Modding Team’s Mods)


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Legends Core 1.7.10 is the core-mod that all the Legends Modding Team’s mods run from. This mod is required to be installed in order to use any of the others.

Requires SuperHeroes Unlimited Mod

With SuperHeroes Unlimited Mod, you can fly, smash mobs easily, possess special abilities and powerful magic and poison effects. Do not forget to wear sturdy armor to fly in the air, quick reflexes, superhero powers, unique equipment and solid armor.

The mod allows players to transform into heroes coming out of their favorite comic books, even villains to master the world. You can easily craft characters, battle bosses, and travel to new lands. All Marvel heroes reunite in SuperHeroes Unlimited Mod. Put your armor on, grab your weapon and start this fantasy adventure!

Have you ever faced a Creeper and been blown away? Are you lost in the jungle and do not know your way home? Or simply want to get out of an unequal war? With SuperHeroes Unlimited Mod, the above dreams will be realized. You were born a hero with a close appearance, and the journey to save the world has just begun. There are plenty of superheroes to choose from - each character has their own strengths and abilities for the player to master and wield in combat.

Download Links:

legends core 1.7.10

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