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Setting Vanilla Map Spawntimes in NQ


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I play offline with Omnibots and based on the capabilities of these bots to attack vs defend, I want to alter spawn times for each side. I can do this for non-vanilla maps by editing the pk3 in /map/mapname.script. When I try to do this for vanilla maps (Goldrush, Battery, etc) in NQ I can't get the spawn timers to match what I set. I've tried editing Enemy Territory's pak0 file and even ET Legacy's pk3 files. But it doesn't work. This problem only happens when I use NQ. Sometimes when I type "set r_redlimbotime 25000" for example and I restart the match with restart match, restart map, or restarting the entire client, it doesn't work. I don't know what it works sometimes and doesn't work other times. Sometimes it works for Axis team but not Allied team. When I try to host a game and set spawn timer override in advanced settings after clicking 'host game', it doesn't work either.

I'm playing single map objective.


My guess is NQ is glitched somehow. There is no plausible explanation I can think of otherwise for why sometimes limbotime commands work for only one team but not the other.

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