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MMORPG TOP basic Minecraft commands for gaming no beginners


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Minecraft - a game that is not impressive from the name, graphics, game content is nothing special, unique, but always creates an attraction for many gamers. Perhaps it is because of the diverse, rich gameplay, because the squares look rough when combined together to create extremely interesting and unique things. In addition to the new style of play, players are not constrained to any unique framework, or gameplay to experience.


For new players, the most difficult is probably the command system in Minecraft. Because it is a simulation game in the Open World, with many different maps, Minecraft's command system is also quite diverse.

Request :you need to install

optifine 1.16.3

forge 1.16.4

Minecraft commands for beginners

1. Commands on who basically plays in Minecraft

/resident - Displays your own information on the screen.
/resident friend remove+ < player name> - Remove the offline player from the friends list.
/resident friend clearlist - Remove all players from the friends list.
/resident friend add < player name> - Add players who are online to the list of friends.
/resident friend remove < player name> - Remove online player from friends list.
/resident < player name> - Displays other players' information on the screen.
/resident friend add+ < player name> - Add offline players to the friends list.

2. Interactive commands in Minecraft game

/resident toggle spy - administrators can turn on spy channel chat.
/resident toggle map - turn on the map when moving over the plot boundary line.
/resident toggle reset - turn off all active modes (above).
/resident toggle plotborder - Command to show plot boundaries as you move through it.

3. Summing up orders on Town in Minecraft

Town in Minecraft is a wild land, after being acquired by any owner, the land will be established as an organization, a private town with activities of living, building, community and survival. Commands about Town in the game include:

/town withdraw.
/town - Displays the towny information you are participating in.
/town unclaim - Sell the land of the town.
/town help - Displays commands you can use in towny.
/town leave - Leave the current town.
/town join <têntown>- Please join another person's town.
/town claim - Buy land for town.
/towny add <Tên>- Add someone to your towny.
/town deposit - Transfer money to the town bank.
/town new < town name> - Create a new town.

B- Extended Towny Commands

/town unclaim all - Sell all the land of the Town.
/town online - Show players who are online in Towny.
/town rank add/remove <tên_người_chơi><tên_hạng>- Add or delete the current player's rank in Town.
/spawn <tên_town>- Moving to another Towny.
/town here - Show the Towny information you are standing for.
/town outpost - Set up outpost location for Town.
/town new < town> <tho > - Create a new Town with the first set master town.
/town spawn - Move to your Towny.
/town add <tên>assistant - Choose someone as Deputy Town.
/town board <message>- Add notifications when the manager is online.
/town homeblock - Set up a spawn place to go to Towny.
/town delete < town name> - Delete current Town.
/town ranklist - See player ranks in Town.
/town perm - See Town's policies.
/town list - Displays a list of all Towny's in the server.

4. Towny management command in Minecraft game

/town set taxes <số_tiền>- Set taxes for Town.
/town set spawn - Set spawn position for Town.
/town set name < new name> - Change your Town name.
/town set perm - Install policies for Town.
/town set mayor <tên_người_chơi>- Transfer the mayoral position to others.
/townchat - Switch to Chat Town mode.

B - Extended Towny command, advanced installation:

/town toggle open - Allows opening to mem join comfortably or close the door.
/town toggle explosion - Allow or not to allow explosions in town.
/town toggle pvp - Allows or does not allow PVP (fighting) in Town.
/town toggle taxpercent - Tax regulation in the type of percentage or number specified.
/town toggle public - Allow or not allow others to spawn to your Town.
/town toggle fire - Allow or not allow fires to burn in the Town.
/town toggle mobs - Allow or not allow mobs (monsters) to be born in the Town.

C - Order creation rules in Town

/t set perm build on/off - Turn building mode on/off in Town.
/t set perm destroy on/off - Turn block breaking mode on/off in Town.
/t set perm switch on/off - Turn the switch in Town on/off.
/t set perm itemuse on/off - Turn item usage on/off with anyone in Town.
/t set perm {resident/ally/outsider} {build/destroy/switch/itemuse} {on/off}: Turn on/off construction / break blocks / switches / use for residents / allies / outsiders.

5. Plot command template in Minecraft game

/plot - Displays plot commands.
/plot claim - Order for members of Town to buy the land the Town is selling.
/plot perm - Shows the boundaries of the plot on which the player is standing.
/plot notforsale - Order the Town owner to cancel ownership of a previously sold land/plot set shop - Put a plot as a shop.
/plot forsale <giá>- Order for the Town owner to determine the selling price of a plot of land located in the Town.
/plot unclaim – Order for members to cancel ownership of land purchased from town owners.
/plot set arena - Set a plot as an arena.
/plot set embassy - Set a plot as embassy.
/plot set name - Allows the mayor or plot owner to rename the plot they own (the individually owned plot will show both the name of both the owner and the booker).
/plot toggle clear - The order removes the list of blocked IDs of the plot, used by the mayor who owns the town or by the plot owner in their own plot.
/plot set reset - Reset your plot back to its original shape.
/plot set perm {on/off} - Adjust the boundary curve of each plot in which the player is standing.
/plot toggle fire - Allow or not allow fire to burn in the plot.
/plot toggle pvp - Allows or does not allow PVP in the plot.
/plot toggle explosion - Allows or does not allow explosions in the plot.
/plot toggle mob - Allow or not allow mobs born in plot.

6. Country commands in Minecraft

When a group of many Towny's are united together, it forms a Nation. Each Country has a head, called the Sultan.

/nation new < country name> < name of the capital> - Create a new country, put the Capital.
/nation set name < country name> - named Country.
/nation - displays the player's Country information.
/nation list .
/nation removes < country name> - Removes a Country from the list of allies.
/nation enemy add < country name> - Add 1 Country as an enemy.
/nation online - Show players who are online in your Country.
/nation < country name> - Displays other Country's information.
/nation leave - leave the country you are in (the mayor uses).
/nation set king < player's name> - The King orders to change the throne to others.
/nation set captial < town> - Set the capital of the kingdom.
Nation set taxes < amount of money> - The King sets taxes for the whole country.
/nation deposit < amount> - Order to send money to your country.
/nation withdraw < amount> - Withdrawal order from your Country.
/nation new < country name> - Order to create a new Country (mayor used).
/nation rank - National support (deputy)/individual title.
/nation add < town> - Invite 1 town to his country.
/nation kick < town> - Remove 1 town from his country.
/nation delete < country name> - Delete Your Country.
/nation ally.
/nation add < country name> - Add a Country as an ally.
/nation enemy remove < country name> - Remove a Country from the enemy list.
/nation rank add < player name> <> - Best name for a player.
/nation rank remove < player's name> < title> - Abolish a player's title.

Download Mod For Minecraft :https://wminecraft.net/


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