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Hey ppls!


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Ima start out by telling you guys that Call of Duty 4 is currently my favorite game. Weird stuff happensto my profile, I've even gotten reverted to a profile I've deleted. My in-game name is CD|PkedU2Fast. CD is cause of my clan, but our clan has only like 3 players that have CoD4 so I decided to leave. I wanna to join FA after hearing many great things about it. Don't laugh at the next thing I'm going to say....I play on the PC obviously, but.... with a controller. Yeah, you heard me, with a controller. Don't go off blabbing about how the mouse + keyboard is more accurate and easier. But, I grew up playing with the controller, so it's my choice. Although, there is one con... I can't bind both crouch and prone to B on my xbox 360 controller so I can only crouch, except if I just move my hand and press Z on the keyboard. Anyways, this is my intro!

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