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About This File



Map Title : Matroska

Map Version : Final

Author : Rabbit,Peri and additional contributions by Lasti for prefabs

E-mail : rabbit@4mori.biz

Website : www.4mori.biz

xfire : 4morirabbit or peri68

FeedBack Forum topic : http://www.4mori.biz/index.php?file=Forum&page=viewtopic&forum_id=1&thread_id=362



Game : call of duty 4


Supported Gametype : Multiplayer


: Deathmatch

: Team Deathmatch

: sabotage

: Headquarters

: Search and Destroy

: Domination

: OldSchool

: Capture the flag

: Capture the flag back

: Hold the flag


Map Size : 20+ : Medium Map




Contents of this Package :


Some screenshots,the readme and the map.




Installation Instructions:


Extract the iwd file in your call of duty 4 mod folder (AWE-Extreme-Ace-MW...)

Extrate the FF(fastfiles) in usermaps/mp_matroska (create folder if missing)


Rcon name for map is "mp_matroska"




Construction Time : 21days


Custom Content : None



Known Bugs : Map is created Sas vs spetnaz but works only with mods that have the _teams.gsc updated (Like AWE1.2)

: Some issues with Linux servers with roundbase gametypes (SD-SAB) (Bug 1.5 binaries wich should be updated soon)



Changes from : Beta 1


: Fixed DM and DOM spawn problem with wall and clip

: Fixed SD spawn with 5 degree angle

: Added CTF CTFB to map GSC

: Added and fix prefab 1-A

: Various terrain fixes

: Fixed and clip prefab 1-A windows

: Added Decals where needed

: Moved B bomb to a better place for attacking team

: Added some models here and there

: Updated Grid to map changes

: More stuff I sincerly don't remember :D

: Last but not least added lawnmoyer for grass fans




Credit to Other Authors : Thanks to 4Mori clan for alpha testing the map.


Rabbit:To Peri my GodGenius m8 :D

:thanks to all community members that have help us once again

:Special thanks to Tally for all the effort he puts in CoD community

:To Lasti for helping us a lot in early stages (then he release 200 nanomaps) :D


Peri :Now i have 3 slavedrivers.........boss @work, mrs@home, Rabbit _the_Great@xfire !!




Project Info :This map is a project we decided to do to get used to all the new things of cod4 radiant.

We also needed a nice and quick map for our 20 slot Mod server.

Play with us here:



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