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    Dobby's Zombie Mod 1.41

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    About This File

    Version 1.41 of the mod includes a ton of bugfixes, a few extra server options, and ranking all the way up to Level 101. This is the biggest and final update to COD4 zombie mod, see the readme for details.




    It's possible that this is the final version of the mod, as adding many more features would detract from the zombie based gameplay.


    NovemberDobby has done it again with a brand new mod. The Zombie Mod! This mod adds a whole new gametype to CoD4 which is sure to make you horror fans drool. There are two teams, the "Hunters" and the "Zombies".


    Game starts out with everyone being a hunter for two minutes, then someone is randomly picked as a zombie. That zombie must go out and kill as many hunters as he can with a knife or a throwing skull (blood pumping yet?)


    The game keeps on going till everyone is a zombie. The last hunter left alive is known as the last man standing, he gets an advantage to fight off the huge amount of zombies. This includes the superweapon, doing three times the amount of damage, and respawns if he gets 25,000 points.


    There is a bunch of extra commands in there for you server admins if you feel like editing some of the settings.


    The five types of zombie are as follows:

    • Fast/scout zombie (Health: 250, Speed: 120%, Knife damage: 20, Special: Skulls)
    • Poison zombie (Health: 400, Speed: 80%, Knife damage: 20 [+30 over time], Special: Zombie call)
    • Normal zombie (Health: 600, Speed: 100%, Knife damage: 34, Special: Zombie fart)
    • Electric zombie (Health: 450, Speed: 85%, Knife damage: 33, Special: Lightning strike)
    • Fire zombie (Health: 400, Speed: 90%, Knife damage: 25, Special: Ring of fire)


    • Skulls: Fast zombies get two throwing skulls per spawn, when there is a certain amount of hunters left (default 10 or less). They do 35 damage.
    • Zombie call: Puts a big red mark on the radar for the zombies (pretty useless but they have poison soo...)
    • Zombie fart: Shellshocks any hunters within range, slowing them down slightly. Goes through walls.
    • Lightning strike & Ring of fire: They both do 25 damage to all hunters within view, in a small radius.

    What's New in Version 1.41


    • Changes from v1.4:
    • *Fixed some Pipeline & Backlot glitches
    • *Fixed Hunters' weapons sometimes dropping before a zombie is picked
    • *Fixed graves sometimes not orienting properly
    • *Fixed Hunter/Zombie counters for spectators
    • *Fixed music fading properly with scr_zommusic -1
    • *Fixed repel sometimes killing zombies
    • *Improved several special ability FX and the poison zombie effect
    • *Changed default sv_msgs in case of no zom.cfg being used
    • *Changed limited ammo message to be more helpful
    • *Changed www.novemberdobby.com/faq to include fixes for PB kicks
    • *Changed Hunters' health to jump back to maximum when a zombie is picked
    • *Changed Scare range to 50% higher
    • *Changed first zombie behaviour, dogs have 400 health
    • *Changed health/mine drops: zombies falling and killing themselves don't drop them
    • *Removed unlimited ammo for grenade launchers, they only have 25 shots
    • *Removed grenade throwback (Was causing some problems)
    • *Added a 40-second timer to automatically spawn zombies if they stay in the class-pick screen

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