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What's New Aphrodite ?

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There are a lot of things that are going on right now here. To start off am always around and try to visit the website often.

Most recently started going back to church and picked up my studies.

Am looking forward to attending church as much as I can and join on activities.


Am hanging in there in health matters. I was sheduled for surgery last saturday but there were some complications and now am waiting for a call.

I have been transfered to another hospital that can provide me with several specialist. I will recieve a call of my new appointment and what is needed to be done.

Until then am not sure how my gaming activity will be affected but as usual will keep coming back to join friends in battle :P

I greatly enjoy making friends and chillin on vent. Feel free to always jump on vent on the same channel and talk to me about random junk.

If I may ask what made some of you members join FA? What makes FA any different from any other clan out there in CoD4 ?


My person reason for being interested in FA is because of how I felt playing with some of the members. There are a lot of cool and crazy members that made it more fun . How social people are on vent and accepting of new members sealed it for me. I personaly am somewhat of a shy person and didnt feel pressured to say much or be put that much on the spot light lol

I quickly noticed something in the clan FA that there were a lot of solid friendships here and I wanted to be a part of something like that.

Duckie also made an impression.

He was cool and down to earth. That to me is very important to me because that leaves very little room for arrogance and bullsh*t.

On another subject


Am trying to get used to wearing my glasses but its getting annoying lol

First off I look geekish and second when I take them off am all lost xD I started wearing them so it might not only improve my sight but my gaming...

Which its a fail so far.. I guess I plainly suck rofl

Anywayz I still have to wear them since it could be one of the many reasons I get so many frequent strong headaches.


Am curious for all those wearing glasses

What did it take for you to wear them if you neglected to use them at first?

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What it took for me to wear my glasses was walking into a couple doorframes. Word of advice, don't wait that long.


And you're having surgery? Learn something new everyday it seems. Whatever it's for, hope its successful.

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I wear glasses and sometimes contacts. I can't see well without them, so I have grown used to them.


I joined =F|A= because they are serious people, not just a bunch of kids bragging about how awesome they are.


Also most =F|A= members are polite and relatively honest people. And they don't care that I'm not the best player on the server.

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