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The Weekend




Howdy all, today was a pretty bland saturday. though it is not yet complete. Today i went to work, took care of some administrative paperwork, went and got my truck serviced, and now surfing the forums. Later this evening is by far the most important part of the night: Alabama vs LSU in college football. I'm a die hard Alabama fan, always have been. Some would even say its the same level of commitment I put towards my friends :) lol, hoping to also continue the Stellaris campaign myself, Armory, and Blue have strung together. On a slightly different note/shameless plug: if youre able, should donate a few bucks, not a lot but some pocket change towards the yearly goal, ever since i joined last year it seems to be plateauing and gettin down to the wire. I know why everyone is in this clan: great camaraderie, great friends, and tons of gaming :) .... In another aspect I have grown to respect a lot of people on here and their ability to be friendly and professional. Keep it up =F|A=, people are taking notice in games from all over, they see our tag and they notice :) that's what exposure is all about, just make sure you represent us the way the clan deserves. Keep on keepin on folks.

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