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First of many?




Never thought it would happen. Blogging as a 24yr old USN Sailor. Ha! Listening to music and typing. What to say?.... How was my day? The answer is simple: Meh. When it comes to work I've been thrown just about everywhere.... Wait, maybe the reader would like a little background, yeah? OK, I'm a Cajun that was born in Louisiana, and grew up for the most part in Alabama. I'm a southern boy through and through. I have experienced the northern states of New England area and reside in Virginia. I've been a part of the USN for 4 and a half years now. I've met many people. I have a small circle of friends. I dont like having a bunch of friends. Anyone who is my friend I feel is more like family. I dont like to step on toes, but im not afraid to stand up for what i believe in. So, back to my day. Yeah it started slow and ended slow. When it comes to my line of work if its a slow day it means people aren't doing what they are supposed to do. Currently listening to music, typing this, and trying to coordinate planning a wedding with my fiance who lives hundreds of miles away. Gotta love how life pans out right? By the way i failed to mention that the reason i've been thrown into just about every duty at my work is because I am not fit for full duty... in other words i'm broken and cant perform my responsibilities to the required expectation all thanks to a torn hamstring. I'm a nuclear machinist mate second class... aka E-5 in the Navy. I've had so many different job opportunities in the 10 years i've been working from yard work/landscaping to construction, to now operating a Nuclear power plant on a submarine. Growing up i thought i'd just be another southern boy going nowhere and living in the same old small town. Now i'm engaged, travelling up and down the east coast and learning so much more than i thought would be possible. I never really give my experiences the credit they deserve, and i know how weird that sounds. Take it from me, when you look back at how you wanted yourself to grow to be when you were younger and look yourself in the mirror now... is it the same or have you changed along with any ideals/morals you developed? I can say i dont take the same things for granted... yes i still take things for granted but i'm quicker on the pickup about it. Tomorrow is a work day for me. Hoping that translates into a short work day and i can still maybe catch the Alabama football game on tv. Yes i say Roll tide, i shoot guns, i fish, i drive a truck.. I'm a walking stereotype. I'll post when i post, i wont make any promises on daily or even weekly posts. took me forever to find out how to even make a blog. Lets see how it goes.

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