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Catch up with flash

yellow flash



It has been a while since I last wrote blog so i thought why not give you guys something to read and little catch up on me why I was afk for almost 6 months.


So about 10 months ago me and my friends started company named Caffeine Overdose Oy what we do? well we wan't to do mobile games and make money with that. But for starters we are looking for any kind of coding related jobs to get some start up money. First few months were quiet but in summer we really hit off we got lots of business partners and customers.


Also school is coming to end i have around 6 - 10 months left and i need to do thesis which is gonna take a lot of time.


Then there is my 2 hobbies disc golf and floorball. And new thing as i won my disc golf club championship i was asked to lead the competition team for next summer so i have been making selection criteria's and stuff.


For above reason's school, work and hobbies i haven't have time to play as much i would wan't to and on weekends when i have little time i play lol (League of legends) becouse my dear gubbi only play's that game now days :)


I still am every single day active on forums since its my starting page on browser and i have it open 24/7 on my second screen. So yeah ill try to do my job as staff member on forums. But on servers i leave job on the active and good members out there.


So if you wanna catch up with me forums is best way to do so I will try to get on xfire more often if people need me on servers.


If you got any comments or question hit me below.


PS. someone keep eye on tipsy on jay1 for me

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