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This is my first ever attempt at a blog so I thought I would start with telling a little about me. I think you have truly understand where a person has come from to know a person, so this is my attempt in my first post.


I was born in East London to a quite a poor family. From what I remember we lived in squats, although I think that was the done thing in those days. Finally we moved out of London and I remember our very first house, all be it a council house.


Anyhow, school was pretty much the normal for me as anyone else. I didn't go to great schools, and even if I did I don't think I would of done any better then I did. I was a trouble maker, I did some bad things. I then found Army cadets (for anyone else, it's like a youth club if you don't understand, but with discipline), this taught me respect, and I left most of my troublesome past behind me.


I left school at 16, and joined the army. After 16 years I could boast a career, that started in tanks, then infantry. I went on to become a helicopter pilot and finally a skydiving instructor as my last post before I left.


After the army, I found myself getting offered jobs in Iraq as private security, so decided that I would go, I then spent the next 2+ years, mainly in Baghdad working on contracts.


After getting blown up and shot at way to many times, I decided it was time for a change, went back to the UK and started my own company, all was great, started a second company (died, but that's another story) then the recession hit and found myself back into private security.


After the failed companies, I was then back in private security, but this time in Afghanistan, not as intense as Iraq but still quite dangerous. Spent the next 3 or so years dodging bullets and bombs, then left as it felt right to at the time.


Probably, best to go back over the places I have lived to show how I ended up where I am today. Lived in the UK most of my life, except when I was in the army which took me to places such as Germany, Northern Ireland, USA, Canada, Africa, Balkans and some other great places. I spent some time living in France, Germany and now I have found myself living in Bangkok. I find I can get quite bored if I am in one place for to long, normally dependant on relationships etc.


Now I am just chugging along with life. Probably the same as most, looking for the next opportunity, or maybe best put, the next chapter.


Anyhow, not very interesting, but I felt I needed to say something about myself before I could write anymore.


Ha, to be honest I have got so much experience with life in such a short amount of time I could write a book. Hmmm maybe I should.


I am going to go back over my life and elaborate of things in time. Probably call it the early years. Like I said this is my first attempt at this blog thing, and I am writing this not just for you the reader, but a little for myself as well.


As always be safe and enjoy whatever it is your doing.

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