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4 years in a great F|Amily.




I thought I would make a new blog on a followup on my old one a few years back because now I'm active for good this time.


I once joined this clan because it was a big ET community, very friendly. I was once an ET F|A member. Eventually I discovered other games such as COD4 and TF2, and eventually I volunteered to become a TF2 member!


It has been a great number of years and it will only continue to grow. I feel as if I don't know many of the new people coming in so this will be a great opportunity to meet my new family. I did make another intro earlier but I think this will be a lot better.


I'm turning 24 this year, I had a 2 year college education in IT, I obtained my A+, the MTA 98-365 and as of this writing, I am working on my Network+ and Security+ to perfect the triad of certifications.


I recently came back into ET and found that I'm SUPER RUSTY! XP I think it'll be a long time before I gain my skills back, same can probably be said about COD4, i'll probably make the same mistakes like using the running ability too many times and give kills to the other team.


Well, like I said before, I'm here to stay like an old tree with many roots and hope to bloom to life anew again and meet new people here. Thanks for reading my boring blog. :P



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