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Fading Away




Some of you will remember me, some may have only seen my name in passing.


It has been a long time since I have crept through the forums and servers putting in my short opinions here and there and gaming with my many clan brothers and sisters. I came to this clan during a troubled time in my life. I was out of work at the time and was getting fearful that I was going to go insane dealing with all my troubles. I found that the gamers from =F|A= were some of the most supportive I had run across, and decided to apply. I lived on the COD4 servers for the entire year I was laid off from work, eventually being voted in as a clan leader. I spent my time posting on the forums as well as recruiting and moderating on the servers. I competed in scrim matches with some of the best players I can remember playing with.


I have been away from the clan for the better part of the last 2 years now. I got a new job, and have been raising my family. I still game on occasion, but not to the extent I once had. I haven't played on an =F|A= server since I cant remember when. I still think of myself as the "Old Man" of the clan, since I was one of the oldest (in age) members. As time passes on I will still remember the friends I made here, and the games we played.


I would like to say "Thank You" to the ones I have gamed with, and "Good Luck" to those I have not. I don't know how long my next absence will be or if I will ever game as a member again, but I have enjoyed my time here and for that I am thankful.


As I fade away as a clan member I will take pride in this, my oldest son is a gamer now and he plays for my clan too..... =F|A= Timmyboy00

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