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So Many Games, So Little Time

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Hey there F|A, as you may or may not know, I am CaulkLiquor. Before you ask how to pronounce CaulkLiquor I thought I might explain my intentions for this blog. There are thousands of titles for the PC; many gamers will never even play 100 of them. My plan is to play and review games that: many people have never heard of, were underrated, were overrated and most importantly community picked.


Due to the exsistence of reality, I believe this will be a bi-weekly blog with the exception being next week when I will be reviewing Borderlands. I'd also like to point out that I will not be reviewing games that are emulated by anything other than DOSBox ^__^....


I know this isn't a very long first post but, I thought I should get it started sooner rather than later. Oh, right. How does one pronounce CaulkLiquor.





Well that is all for now, I'll be back next week with my review of Borderlands!!!!!!!!



(constructive critiscism and suggestions are welcome)

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