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Radeon HD 7000 is presented in London on December 5 | 3DMark For Android




Nordichardware said: Radeon HD 7000 is presented in London on December 5


We have waited long for the first graphics cards built on 28nm, and now have the first tasks appeared on AMD's HD 7000-series. The series to be unveiled in London on December 5 and all we need to know about AMD's latest graphics cards that are not yet launched it should talk about.


According to sources at NordicHardware is the moment we have all been waiting for, about to happen. The first generation of graphics cards built on 28nm to announcement during an event in London on December 5 and it is clear that AMD was first again with the latest manufacturing technology. There is no launch it comes on without an event for the media to take note of what is to come from AMD.


28nm GPUs will offer many surprises and have a much greater focus on GPGPU functionality than before, suggesting that it is GCN architecture, which stands in the spotlight. GCN will be the first all-new graphics architecture since the HD 2000 series and should bring AMD's graphics cards in line with NVIDIA in terms of GPGPU functionality, if not higher.


Besides this, we know that all we need to know about the Radeon HD 7000 series will be presented for exactly one week, 5 December in London. Then thus the first official data exist outside of AMD's closed doors.




3DMark For Android Will Let You Conduct Benchmark Tests On Your Phone, Tablet


Even though the spec is apparently dead, some of us may still want to tag numeric values to our gadgetry. The folks over at Futuremark seem to agree, and want to take their benchmark testing into new territory. According to Android.HDBlog, the company is developing its graphics benchmarking tools for the Android platform, both smartphone and tablet alike.


With quad-core processors on the horizon, mobile processing is about to step up its game. That said, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t have reliable programs that test our phones/tablets’ performance. 3DMark is already widely used among PC folk to test desktop and laptop computers.


The new 3DMark for Android will be able to conduct full graphics performance tests, compare results between various online devices, and compare results with the forthcoming Windows 8 version of 3DMark. No word on availability yet, but it can’t be too long before you’ll be able to put Android devices to the test.



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