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About this blog

Hey everyone!

I'm gonna start this Blog (with hopefully weekly updates) to show you a Part of my Life, the up and downs and struggles i had with my Job.

feel free to ask me about stuff u want to know here on discord :)

Entries in this blog

Week 2 - What is needed for a show

Hey everyone, New Week, New Part   A full show of a Deejay or  a Band needs a lot of Know-How, Technics and ofc a lot of effort to get everything working. I'll just make seperate chapters for each part (of a show)   1. Preparation: 1.1 Concept What is the theme of your show going to be?  What do you want your show to say about you?  Take some time to reflect on this, and what you want your visual presentation onstage to communicate to your audien



Week 1 - How everything started (Pilot Episode)

Well its a bit ago when i started to work in clubs and on shows. Started as a small local stagehand.  In the first place I only worked to get to know the artists and speak with them. Well after 2-3 Shows i realized that this wont work proper and its way to hard just to speak with them.   I still didn't stop working as a local stagehand. for my luck ofc. One Day, after setting up the stage, the light operator was collapsing just 10min before the show was starting. No



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