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Hp Compaq PD1068P Issue

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Hp Compaq Pd1068P Issue

Hey guys,   Well today a friend called me and asked if i was intrested in a old computer for free(HP Compaq PD1068p Pentium 4 desktop),   http://imageshack.us.../dsc01504t.jpg/   i came home and turned the power on,for some reasons there is a strange OS or smth active on it called: SOPHOS Safeguard Enterprise Device Encryption (SGN DE).   http://imageshack.us...dsc01507hr.jpg/   When i start up the computer i get the start-up screen from HP with the options: F9 for boot menu F10 Setup F12 Network service boot   http://imageshack.us...dsc01505qs.jpg/   I just letting this screen pass and then SOPHOS shows up with the info:   Thank you for taking the time to try SOPHOS Safeguard Enterprise Device Encryption (SGN DE) product. *** This trial is preconfigured Please ensure that this is installed on test equipment only ***   The only 2 options that appear are : Accept or Shutdown.   http://imageshack.us...dsc01507hr.jpg/   When i press Accept a new screen appears with:   Username: Password: Domain:   http://imageshack.us.../dsc01508v.jpg/   Atm got some issues with it, I tried this several things like change the boot setup to CD-ROM,   http://imageshack.us...dsc01509ga.jpg/   inserted a Windows 7 Professional disk,but when the computer restarts hisself and boot it from CD-ROM drive nothing happends,only a black screen with nothing on it, also changed the boot order manualy in the bios settings but still it doesnt help anything. Is it possible that a Pentium 4 doesnt work with Windows 7? Also anyone how do delete SOPHOS? since i even cant pass the Login screen..   Please gimme some feedback how to fix this issue..   Thanks!



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