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It’s beyond me why people canvas themselves to join clans then get pissed and express that they are leaving. I understand that there are people who have to leave for various reasons but it’s the ones who are trying to punish by announcing that they want their accounts deactivated because they are not happy. It doesn’t make sense. What you put in is what you get out, I have been in other clans and yes it is difficult at first trying to make connections with people, but it’s all in how you do it. Some people are interested in what you have to say and some are not, it’s all a part of living. It would be the same as being in an actual group of people standing around talking. As I said what you put in is what you get out of it. I have met some great people here at Fearless and the servers are great as well ,an awesome variety of servers. Whether or not you agree with the fact that there are people who have to run this thing and are basically in charge of what happens, again it’s a life fact. And they all do a great job at it. This clan is one of the best that I have experienced and the people are mature, kind and extremely helpful and those are some of the reasons why I will continue to build friendships here. I was given the prestige level of trial member which I didn’t expect to see for quite some time, but I got it, and as far as I am concerned it was an honor for me to get that. To me it means acceptance whether or not I reach a high admin level it still means that I have been accepted into this prestigious clan and that my opinion counts. It has been a pleasure to be here and the staff and admins do a great job, it’s not an easy task to have, real life issues as well as look after all of this. Hats off to you guys. It’s anyone’s choice to leave here and burn bridges but it would make me laugh if they try to come back because they can’t find a better community than this.       Cheers.    



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