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Hey Guys its Clown ([email protected]) i wanted to apoligize for being stupid and immature before i came back here. I just went over all of the post i posted and the one with problems with Warpig or Pumpk!nHead (is his name now)....here is the post if you guys dont remember :sarc


Anyway i just want you to know im pretty much not like that no more. If you dont believe me then see for yourself.....So this time im serious I think that i have really MATURED over the 5 or 6 months i havent been on.... So yea

P.S: I only Play on Hardcore most of the time and not Pub because There is alot of people in Hardcore... and i have a Question? what is N!tmod??? i cant get on it for some reason....


OH do any of you use ALIENWARE to play ET??

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FA Mist

FA Mist

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I've never played Et is it any good?



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I've never played Et is it any good?

So, what is your reason of live?!

Fear, my lil bro, you need come to Pub, here's where the good players born.
About the N!tmod you can read this. N!tmod?

Other thing more, i dont think is time to apologize, play and be mature, we'll see your grow as player

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