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  1. Happy Birthday FA Mist!

  2. You know... speed. I think I've owned you in the Nub department. That is all.
  3. You took a screen shot!
  4. What does everyone think the definition of Nub is? And who you think is the biggest, epic, Nub!
  5. Theo, known him for forever Speedy Got him to join, (Best guy ever) Slayer Got me to join! Hannah active.. and defiantly fun to joke around with Milli...-Nub King Kimichi... Sudden Death always enjoyable Brain Fart atm...know there a LOT more!
  6. Lol I can REALLY imagine theo like that! xD
  7. FA Mist

    The Names! :D

    I like Mistard as welL! all great names though! Thanks to everyone
  8. Heey! Welcome to the forums!
  9. FA Mist

    The Names! :D

    MistMe, Mistersauraus, Mistopotomus, Misified, MistU, The artist formerly known as Mist, Mistilicious, ElMisto, Misto, Mist, Mistarific, UltimateMist, UMist, IMistU And Mist+Pie=Love Pick one and tell me why! (need a new name)
  10. Could I suggest.. making team "leaders" and maybe picking the teams.. for a fair way?
  11. Oh hai there!

  12. FA Mist

    HC server

    I can now say that lagging has stopped! Just been on with a full house, 13-12 I believe were the teams? But ya, every things good now, not very laggy for me at all. Didn't see much jumpy players as well.
  13. Congrats! I would also like to know the name of PrincessCamper I bet she's Beautiful!
  14. FA Mist


    Don't get into another kill contest with me, only lost to Forsaken and God Welcome to the FA community! And you should apply soon so you can be with us in the =F|A=mily