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OS X El Capitan

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So I recently installed El Capitan on my mac and updated legacy to 2.74 or whatever the latest version is. After I upgraded to Capitan, the old legacy kept crashing intermittently while I played so i figured that might be the cause of my problems, so I installed legacy 2.74. However, I keep crashing still, and usually after only a few minutes of being online. 

anyone know how to fix? 

Also, I don't really get an actual crash/error report from my mac, legacy just seems to close out.

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/seta logfile 1


Should allow an etconsole.log to be created in the mod directory so you can see if there are any errors in your log.


*knows nothing of mac*






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ET Legacy is borked on Mac. Only legacy mod servers, i.e. none. I play using Parallels Windows 7. Not ideal. I get smoked on the Hardcore server...probably would happen anyway were I on a PC. I think the  ET Legacy folks are working on a fix, but no go. Can't play regular ET either. Stuck in silly, laggy emulation for me.

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I recently purchased a MBA and I am facing the same problems.


The native ET client crashes as soon as it is run. 


The ET: Legacy 2.74 client crashes, or displays 'Unpure client detected. Invalid .pk3 files referenced'


I have resorted to running the Windows client using Play on Mac but gameplay is very choppy despite it showing me consistently running at 90FPS. 


Any ideas?

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Hi there :-)


Not much of a solution but I just wanted to say.. I'm having(like many) the same issues while connecting to some F|A ET silent mod servers(for example silent1.clan-fa.com)! Funnily enough if I connect to another F|A ET silent mod server(for example hc.clan-fa.com) I can play without any issues using ET Legacy v2.71rc4 OSX. So I think other than the OSX mod client incompatibility problem maybe the silent server has to be updated too.


There seem to be a few issues with the stable ET Legacy v2.74 OSX version at the moment.


Mac OS X, ET:L crashes when killed on other mods


Crashes after about a of game play.


So I guess we will just have to be patient until version 2.75(or later) is released for OSX :D



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I created this reddit post. This will get Wolf ET running on your mac with no noticeable lag, no virtual machine and no bootcamp



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