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PB Update Prob

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Maximo Decimo

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Well, this is what happend:

I decide to create another ET folder becuase the old one has much trash files and skins, mods, etc, etc. Right now i have 2 ET folders and the new one run pretty good: i conected to etpub and all was right (actually my ping reduce to 150 to 120 but i dont know why). I saved the etkey so i dont lose my admin and xp. Everythings going good UNTIL i decided to update punkbuster in order to fix the VERY COMMON problem thats lags every 2-3 sec for the next 3-4 mins (every map is the same problem, but if you spend more than an hour playing, the problems solves itself and i dont know how either). I used the tutorial that Medic posted before. Download the program, add Wolfenstein game and select the correct folder....15 secs later my new ET was pb update. After that i tried to conect to pub and ET crashed, it dont let me even open and always appears a window that said: ET has detected a problem and it should be close. Let me show you the message:

My link

Is like this message but running ET.

So, i fixed the problem reinstalling once again my new et folder but this time i dont update pb. It works again but my pb is not update. I dont know if there is a problem if i dont do it.
I would appreciate any comments about it.

By the way i want to thanks Tonka for his great help and patience :thanks

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I dunno why you had to keep the old ET folder once you started a new one.. just save your etkey and whatever maps/files you want to save, then get rid of the other crap.

But if ET is working fine and you're not getting any PB kicks/errors, then I see no reason to update PB.

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