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New Maps for rotation

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I wanted to start a discussion about adding and subtracting maps for the rotation of ET hardcore server


Whats everyone thoughts, there are maps in rotation that people just hate.


Maybe even have one night a month that just has new maps to play to see what people think about puting them in rotaion.


Another thought can admin change the map time ? because no one likes to play 30 min maps.


Get rid of tankbuster and shitaly


how about adding rail gun and Dobrovnik (spelling?)


thats my addition now people add your thoughts




PS this is my first post ever


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Good to see you post :P 


I agree with you on add rail gun, map is a classic and a lot of people would enjoy having it.

Tankbuster is one of my least favorites, streets of italy is a map a lot of people enjoy but yet again a lot of people don't like.


I would like to keep Italy in the rotation but I agree that we should take Tankbuster out.



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liar, it says "user 6 posts"!!!!! :P


this should be moved to "suggestion" if anyone want to move it.


But yeah, I'd like Dubrovnik, Transmitter and Rail Gun (with tower axis spawn) could be interesting as well!



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Darji2 is also a server killer.

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